Painting Technician


01. Qualification Introduce

Painting is a necessary skill in shipbuilding, automobile, construction, and plating industries, but no special qualifications or academic background are required, but in general, they learn painting skills through short-term vocational training courses at vocational training institutes and get a job.
Accordingly, it aims to contribute to the development of the national industry by making it easier for foreign manpower to acquire the qualifications of painting technicians and find employment.
Architectural painting construction is a job of protecting or decorating buildings and decorations by applying paints suitable for work areas and surfaces by function and use using brushes, rollers, and spray guns to improve the aesthetics and durability of buildings.
In order to protect the surface of metal materials and make the appearance beautiful, the metal painting process is performed after establishing a work plan according to the painting design, and various paints, painting equipment and facilities are used to produce products of the quality required by customers. it's a job


02. Certificate Subjects

Building painting, Metal painting, Building painting practice, Metal painting practice,


03. Pre-requirements for qualification

A person who has completed painting training (160 hours or more) at a vocational training institution.


04. Examination guide

Primary test : Applicants must take the exam according to the attached application criteria and obtain at least 60 points.
Secondary test : Only those who have passed the primary exam can take the secondary exam.


Personnel Qualification

Introduce the type of Personnel Qualification and the procedure for obtaining Personnel Qualification.