Particle Control Engineer


01. Qualification Introduce

Understand the basic concept of foreign matter management, use foreign matter inspection equipment, and use professional inspection technology and organic and inorganic analysis equipment in the field to determine the source of foreign matter and perform inspection/measurement/analysis to identify the source. We train experts with practical skills such as comprehensive work coordination to identify factors and remove foreign substances.


02. Certificate Subjects

Particle control Overview, Sources of occurrence by Particle generation factor (4M+1E), Particle  control Technology


03. Requirements for qualification

- Those who have graduated from high school or have an equivalent academic background
- A person who has completed more than 48 hours of training related to basic foreign matter management, inspection methods, and analysis method techniques.


04. Examination guide

Primary test : Applicants must take the exam according to the attached application criteria and obtain at least 60 points.
Secondary test : Only those who have passed the primary exam can take the secondary exam.


Personnel Qualification

Introduce the type of Personnel Qualification and the procedure for obtaining Personnel Qualification.