Beauty Technician
International beauty technician


01. Qualification Introduce

The International Beauty Technician qualification is “to inform the world of K-beauty as a beauty industry expert who combines theory and practice of standardized beauty industry practice in line with NCS learning module standards for job skills in the beauty field that are being implemented in various ways in the beauty industry, The job description is “educating workers in the beauty field and cultivating entrepreneurs to develop domestic and foreign booty markets.”
This qualification is an ISO international Beauty Technician qualification approved by SCC and issued by IQCS following the International Organization for Standardization standard ISO/IEC 17024, to which 195 countries worldwide have joined.
There are 10 fields of international beauty technician qualifications, including makeup, haircut, hair permanent, hair up-styling, skin care, hair removal (waxing), nail art, eyelash extensions, semi-permanent makeup, and semi-micro pigment.


02. Qualification section

- Hair cut
- Hair permanent
- Hair-upstyle
- Skincare
- Depilation (Waxing)
- Nail Arts
- Make-up
- Eyelash extensions
- Semi-permanent makeup
- Beauty ear therapy
- Scalp care
- Hair Growth Therapy
- Hair  Increase


03. Certificate Subjects

Basic beauty theory, dermatology, hair science, skin beauty, makeup, hair design, eyelashes, nail art, image making, beauty service theory, health hygiene infection, beauty salon management


04. Requirements for qualification

- Those who have graduated from a beauty department from a special purpose high school or higher.
- Those who have completed education in accordance with the standards of NCS learning modules related to beauty at beauty academies, etc.
- Those who have graduated from a university or graduate school in a related major


05. Examination guide

Primary test : Applicants must take the exam according to the attached application criteria and obtain at least 60 points.
Secondary test : Only those who have passed the primary exam can take the secondary exam.


Personnel Qualification

Introduce the type of Personnel Qualification and the procedure for obtaining Personnel Qualification.