Health Care Instructor


01. Qualification Introduce

Everyone, from children to the elderly, has the desire to live a healthy and happy life. Accordingly, systematic and professional customized health care and guidance for each life cycle is required. Theories and practitioners who have received professional education on health education, nutrition management, lifestyle management, body shape management, public health, quarantine activities, disease treatment, prevention of misuse of drugs and health food, and appropriate exercise management according to life cycle This is the qualification to work as a harmonized healthcare professional.


02. Qualification section

- Health Management
- Child
- Silver
- Wellness
- Medical Representative
- Body shape
- Personal training
- Pilates
- Quarantine


03. Certificate Subjects

Living health, Nutrition management, Health and skin care, Exercise and obesity management , Child health education, Child nutrition care, Child life management, Geriatrics, Theory of dementia for the elderly, Disease control for the elderly, Dementia prevention and management, Introduction to wellness, Wellness diet, Wellness exercise and health, Wellness tourism, Pharmaceutical / Pharmacology, Sales/Marketing, Disease treatment, Body shape care, Personal training, PILATES, Public health, Infectious diseases, Pest control, Quarantine activities


04. Requirements for qualification

A person who has majored in healthcare-related fields at a university or university.
Those who have completed 40 hours or more of training at an educational institution recognized by IQCS.


05. Examination guide

Primary test : Applicants must take the exam according to the attached application criteria and obtain at least 60 points.
Secondary test : Only those who have passed the primary exam can take the secondary exam.


Personnel Qualification

Introduce the type of Personnel Qualification and the procedure for obtaining Personnel Qualification.