What is the Personnel Qualification?
What is the Personnel Qualification?

This is an internationally accepted qualification based on ISO/IEC 17024 that is approved and issued by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for personnel qualifications.

International Qualification Certification Service (IQCS) obtains approval from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in terms of personal certification. It relates to each industry field data of quality, beauty, art, culture, sports, health, IT, technology, finance, food and beverage and services based on ISO/IEC 17024 which is recognized internationally.
Currently, only seven countries have implemented national technique qualification service globally.
IQCS is a management organization that designs and operates a wide range of qualifications, from industry to service, so that qualified human resources in each industry sector can achieve maximum effectiveness by doing their jobs.

The approval of the IQCS qualification can be confirmed by SCC (Standards Council of Canada, www.soc.ca) under the Canadian government. As part of our differentiation from existing qualifications, we have focused on enhancing the individual's capabilities and corporate value through ongoing surveillance.

Why Personnel Qualification?

Currently, the national technical qualifications consist of most of the qualifications that meet the eligibility requirements under the statutory mandatory regulations, and they are composed mainly of academic content rather than the contents required in the field of work. This is not suitable for the original purpose.

The qualification that is being implemented in IQCS is intended to provide an opportunity to become an expert in the field at the same time as the qualification is obtained by reorganizing the qualification based on the essential contents of the work-site operations rather than the academic content.

Expected effect of Personnel Qualifications

Generally, even if you study for 2 ~ 4 years in a school, you rarely acquire major qualifications, and there are a lot of wasteful elements that companies are carrying out practical training appropriate to their work-site operations.

Through this qualification, we are going to make up for the problems posed by the national technical qualifications as much as possible and solve the problems faced by the students and companies by developing qualifications that can be applied to the work-site operations.

Personnel Qualification

Introduce the type of Personnel Qualification and the procedure for obtaining Personnel Qualification.