What is IQCS?

An organization that strives to maximize the capacity of the human resources that strive for industrial development.
The International Qualification Certification Service (IQCS) is a certification organization registered with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC). We provide personal qualifications and designation of an educational institution for training auditor and auditor registration. IQCS strives to ensure that auditors and those who are qualified and active are maximizing their capabilities for industrial development.

ISO Training Body Management

IQCS designates training institutions to train auditors for the evaluation of the organization's management system and conducts follow-up evaluations to maintain them

Training will be conducted according to the appropriate course-specific education programs at the training institute, and the students will be confirmed whether they are being verified according to the evaluation guidelines of the training institute.


ISO Auditor Registration

For a certification body to evaluate an organization's management system and issue an ISO certificate, the certification body needs qualified personnel who can visit the organization's site and audit the organization's management system according to standards.

IQCS is a management organization of audit personnel with competence and qualification and strives to improve the skills of auditors through ongoing surveillance.


Personnel Qualification Operation Management

International Qualification Certification Service (IQCS) obtains approval from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) in terms of personal certification. It relates to each industry field data of quality, beauty, art, culture, sports, health, IT, technology, finance, food and beverage and services based on ISO/IEC 17024 which is recognized internationally.

Currently, only seven countries have implemented national technique qualification service globally.

IQCS is a management organization that designs and operates a wide range of qualifications, from industry to service, so that qualified human resources in each industry sector can achieve maximum effectiveness by doing their jobs.

About us

IQCS's corporate philosophy is pursuing customer success as its primary goal.